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    You may take the following steps: 1. Login to Mashreq Neo Mobile or Online      2. Click on QuickRemit under Money Transfer    3. Initiate and submit the transfer
    QuickRemit only allows transfer to your home country in the home currency. In order to send money in a currency different from that of your home country, please use the ‘International Money Transfer’ tab under ‘Money Transfer’.
    There is only a per transaction fee applicable on all Quick Remit transactions. There are no hidden charges, no correspondent bank charges and deduction from receive amount. Zero transfer fee for transfers to India and Pakistan is a limited period offer. Fees can be revised without prior notice.
    You can either select a beneficiary from the pre-existing list in ‘International Money Transfer’ or add a new beneficiary instantly. However, for India and Pakistan, a new beneficiary has to be added.
    You can either select a beneficiary from the pre-existing list in 'International Money Transfer' or add a new beneficiary instantly, However, for India and Pakistan a new beneficiary has to be added.
    Quick Remit transactions are processed instantly therefore cannot be cancelled.
    ‘Proof of Payment’ can be requested by calling our Call Centre. This facility is available at an additional charge.
    Transactions rejected due to incorrect bank details will be credited back into your Mashreq Bank account within 3 working days at applicable exchange rates
    Quick Remit transfers are processed instantly, however due to technical reasons your payment could be delayed. We would like to assure you that your money transfer will be processed within 1 working day and funds will be credited to your beneficiary bank account. If your funds are not transferred back after 3 working days to the beneficiary, please email neoconnect@mashreq.com
    Countries supporting 24/7 transfers will be processed, however payment to other countries will be processed on the next working day.

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